Beginning of a new PC age- Windows 11


All good things come to an end. But that means the beginning of something greater in life. Bill Gates and Paul Allen launched Microsoft Windows in 1985, replacing their traditional and much trusted operating system, MS-DOS. Since then, it has been one blur of a journey over the past 36 years. While you read, we’ll […]

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates With this insight, before getting into a feud about which one is better, let first know about them. What is Traditional Marketing? Traditional Marketing is a sub-type of marketing conducted through traditional media, which comprises TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, Phone […]

All about Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)


The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is an amalgamation of health applications & tools that correlates to health care IT systems using various networking technologies. It also helps in reducing the number of visits done by the patients’ relatives which can cause unnecessary chaos and reduce the burden on health care systems by connecting patients […]

Google Keywords Planner vs. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest vs GKP

As a digital marketing agency, we do a lot of keyword research and look for enormous data on the web. In this competitive market, everybody wants to provide the best content and target the best possible keywords for ranking in the SERP. If you are an entrepreneur looking to rank your website or your client’s […]

Is Facebook for all?

Is Facebook for all

“There is always a right time for everything. Sometimes you have to make it, but often you just need to pause for it.” Facebook is a major tool for social media marketing which is used for connecting people from all over the world of different religions, races, caste, creed, age, etc. Since the time of […]

Is education turning digital?

Is Education turning Digital

“Technology may not replace the academic gurus, but technology in the hands of educators can be transformational.” Attending schools and colleges was fun indeed! But the Covid-19 pandemic turned classroom teaching around the world into online learning. Looking at the blackboard in a classroom transformed into staring at the computer screens. While this created many […]

Career vs. Job: follow your passion

Job vs Career

“The best sensation in the universe is getting paid to do what you relish.” As kids, we are always so passionate about growing up. But as years pass by, our passion turns into a 9 to 5 job, and our primary aims reform to earning more money. The inner child within us that once dreamt […]

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing Strategy

“Being viral on the web isn’t something mystic that occurs one day. The secret of going viral is countless attempts.” Viral Marketing is a method to make a content viral by targeting the market. This form of marketing management is a way for organic promotion of a product or a service by using various marketing/ […]

Importance of Branding in Marketing

Importance of branding

“Branding is the process of correlating an appropriate strategy with exceptional creativity.” Every business needs to incorporate branding strategies to become successful in the market. The word branding for your businesses is much more than you might think. Branding has the power to influence people’s perceptions of your company, drive new business, and boost brand […]

Why is a website important to your business?

Importance of websites

“Consistency is the basic foundation of faith. Either put up to your promises or do not commit them.” In today’s time of digitalization, it is said that the world is now in our hands and the information is at our fingertips. As days pass by, the world of technology continues to transform the way we […]