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Not only do we value high SEO traffic, but we also value relations.

Social Outreach

Social media is just a buzzword until you have a plan.

Digital Outreach

Inspiration is the most vital part of our digital strategy.

Media Planning & Brand Building

Your brand is the voice and the product is the souvenir.

Influencer & content marketing

People trust words and influence is all about relationships.

Social Listening Insights & ORM

Your reputation should be as reliable as your brand name.

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    Research is that key element of marketing that helps the brand to reach out to its potential audience.

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    Planning is the silent ambassador of your brand, as a goal without a plan is just a wish. Plan smartly and achieve your desired goal.

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    Brand Building

    Branding strategies help us to understand how consumers perceive and analyze your brand.

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Digital marketing is a trending marketing methodology that helps us to reach out to a broader audience as compared to traditional marketing techniques. It also helps you to attract more customers than you may attract locally in a cost-effective way. With these, the right type of audience targeting helps us to improve the conversion rate significantly.

At digiAdda, we assist online businesses with 360° digital solutions to increase the conversion rate and drive SALES. We help them activate their brand through our range of digital marketing services like digital advertising, web development, online reputation management, social media marketing and more.

All digital marketing services offered by digiAdda involves different marketing strategies which require variable time frames to qualify for auditable conversion insights. Reach out to us through phone calls/chat and we will get back to you at the earliest.

The cost of the various digital marketing services varies with your requirements. The charges are not fixed and it generally varies from the types of service(s) you opt for. To answer your question in brief, yeah the prices are cheap and are affordable as compared to the pioneers of the industry.

Social Listening is a crucial part of digital marketing. In this process, we monitor the social media and the other web mentions for your brand along with your brand competitors and analyze the social sentiments. This helps us to understand what people are saying about the brand and its offerings (product/ services/ offers etc). These insights help in building brand awareness, generating potential leads, boost the word of mouth factor and also maintain the online reputation of your brand whilst getting rid of negative conversations.

Local SEO is cost-effective and allows you to capture the local searchers on the web organically. But, performance marketing is a paid process and it can appeal to a larger audience base. Depending on the type of business, we suggest the appropriate digital marketing service to our clients.

The important step that one should take after going online is to establish their web presence, followed by brand awareness. The next step towards is audience targeting followed by lead generation and finally conversion of the audience to customer.

digiAdda will support you with its 360° digital solutions for your brand once you choose to go online. Write to us and our team will be available at your service within hours.

Social media marketing is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of digital marketing. It provides incredible benefits to any business by reaching out to a global audience efficiently. It helps you to connect with your viewers, increase brand's awareness, generate potential leads and FINALLY boost sales.

Therefore YES, social media marketing is crucial for most brands.

Skills & experience

digiAdda Expertise

Brand Building

The art of marketing lies in the foundation of brand building.

Designing & Development

Designing is developing imaginations into visuals.

360° Digital Marketing

Build your brand name & award it fame.

Online Reputation Management

Developing a dependable brand name helps you build awareness and acquire new customers.


They delivered everything we needed on time. Their workflow was smooth and they were responsive. Would work again!!!
Tushar Jain
tushar Jain
CEO @ Flyhomes
The development team is very easy to communicate with. They are honest & knowledgeable.
Kiyara Rajwanshi
Kiyara Rajwanshi
Owner @ Kiyara
The knowledge they possess is far beyond others in the field. I wouldn’t want to work with another company after partnering with them.
Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams
CEO @ Flown
They provide clear and consistent communication which is crucial to my project. They're experts and have taught me so much. Thanks, Mark
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis
Co-Founder @ Oradina
Being able to rely on the expertise of a partner is invaluable. They’ve become an extension of our team.
J. Smith
J. Smith
Co-Founder @ Ravish

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