Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." - Bill Gates

With this insight, before getting into a feud about which one is better, let first know about them.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing is a sub-type of marketing conducted through traditional media, which comprises TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, Phone calls, billboards, pamphlets, etc. It encompasses all the offline platforms.

It is a conventional means of marketing that is still very effective but just not as widespread as Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is a modern and trending marketing methodology delivered through digital mediums like websites, search engines, mobile applications, social mediaemail, videos, blog content and more.

It is a present-day means of marketing, used to reach a wider audience with a limited budget.

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Traditional and digital marketing are both known to offer numerous additional perks. Traditional marketing, even though a conventional means, can still be very effective to reach out to older, local, or rural audiences where internet connection is still hindered. It helps us reach that part of the population who may not be using an android phone or may still not be well versed with the latest technological trends. Such people may not always be as tech-savvy as Gen Z and highly rely on Newspapers, TV, etc to know about recent affairs.

For some, traditional means of marketing are more trustworthy. Generally, people are known to trust a product that is advertised on TV or Newspaper than something that is advertised only on a mobile app.

“Marketing is no longer about the goods that you offer, but about the tales, you narrate.”

Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is one of the most influential, dominant, accessible and, humongous forms of marketing. Compared to Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing is cost-effective and ideal audience targeting is one of its strongest attributes. Digital Marketing has a global reach.

To explain it better, let’s consider you to be a small-scale manufacturer, producing a great product somewhere in India. But, until you reach your prospected customers, production cannot operate. And, this is where digital marketing can be of great help to reach the business goal. You can reach out to all the corners of the world through market targeting and most importantly, with a limited budget. Now, this is something that Traditional Marketing fails to offer.

The option of past customer reviews helps fresh customers make the purchase decision. Tracking results are effortless in Digital Marketing which is a primary requirement in audience targeting. But, it can be rather challenging and tedious in Traditional Marketing.

The cost to benefit ratio of Digital Marketing is relatively higher than Traditional Marketing. Considering the future aspects, wherein the world is expected to go completely paper-free, digital platforms may take over soon. Social Media and OTT platforms have already started to take over Newspapers and TV. It also has an unwavering grip on the young generation, which is one of the primary requirements of marketing.

Feedback, reviews, and comments help to gain the trust of the audience. One of the substantial advantages that digital marketing provides is that one can make modifications on the go. In traditional marketing it is challenging to make any changes once the commitment is done; you’re bound to it.

To understand this better, say you’re a plastic product manufacturer planning to post an advertisement in the local newspaper this Sunday. By mistake, while sharing the ad information with the newspaper agency, you miss a number in your address or zip code and the newspaper with your mistaken advertisement gets printed. Once printed, there’s no reverse. Now, this can be challenging at times!

Some CHECKS!!!

Even though digital marketing offers plenty of advantages, there are some pitfalls we cannot ignore. Some of them are paid reviews, security, privacy issues and more. Now, if affected by these, it can impact the brand image heftily. The dependability that digital marketing has on technology can be one of its drawbacks since the internet is susceptible to mistakes. At times, the link of a webpage won’t open, the link won’t load properly or the webpage will not function as expected. These are the times where we often lose potential customers as it may be time-consuming, boring, and frustrating for the visitors to wait.

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