Career vs. Job: follow your passion

"The best sensation in the universe is getting paid to do what you relish."

As kids, we are always so passionate about growing up. But as years pass by, our passion turns into a 9 to 5 job, and our primary aims reform to earning more money. The inner child within us that once dreamt of following a passion tend to die or fade away. In this fast-paced world, academic and professional limits are touching the sky. Everyone wants to be the best, have a successful status, acquire financial stability and live a stress-free life.

It’s observed over the years that even while choosing career prospects, people tend to choose a profile that pays the highest salary even if that compromise their dreams, happiness, and passions. From picking the most profitable academic course to settling with the right job, we often forget to think about our soul, dreams & wishes. Individuals often get so preoccupied with the monetary aspects of a profitable course that they tend to miss out on the factor “HAPPINESS“.

Now when we have understood this, let’s find out,

What passion means? Are we truly passionate about the job we are doing?

If the answer is no, remake and reincarnate your plans and try introducing ‘passion‘ to your daily life.

“Think twice, thrice & innumerable times, do not just follow the vibes.”

Difference between job and career

One might think that career and job are pretty much similar terms. But, in reality, these terms are quite different. A career is about setting long-term goals to accomplish the benefits you desire or foresee, whereas a job is about the hours of work put in to secure a paycheck. A career is where you plan the means of accomplishing the objectives you have set for yourself. The genuine difference between a job and a career is mostly your attitude.

Primarily a job is something you get engaged with to earn money and often, that is the sole intention. You exclusively focus on getting a job done without really being enthusiastic about it, as, at the end of the day, the only thing you expect from the job is a paycheck. You don’t mean to accomplish anything more than what is required of you and will not be interested in doing anything more than what is expected from you.

However, a career on the other hand is something that you construct by investing your valuable energy. It’s a chain of events that helps you climb the ladders of success over time. Therefore when you plan towards a prosperous career, you seek to accomplish more than what is expected of you and learn more than what is needed for you while fulfilling the daily duties, simply because you have a goal to reach. Career sets objectives to acquire valuable skills, gain experience, build a professional network and not simply get the job done. This, in turn, helps the budding professionals to earn promotions, praises and appreciation.

As kids, we have learned that money cannot buy you happiness. But wise people often say that it’s better to cry in a Lamborghini than on a bus. Truly, money cannot buy all happiness. But, in the society that we live in today, we need money to do things we love. Only a few people get to do what they love and be satisfied with it. Therefore, it is essential to have a career or a job that provides a paycheck. The real key to satisfaction is doing what one loves to do and earn from it.

“Life is not only about having a big bank balance, it’s more about how fulfilled you are at the day's end.”

Reasons to follow your passion

  • Inspiration to work hard: When an individual decides to accomplish something which he/she loves, they are always motivated and enthusiastic to deliver the best results. They generally do not stress over late or extended working hours or dread adverse outcomes. They simply continue to produce the best returns and are ready to work hard and work smart without having the feeling of being forced to do it.
  • Being creative: When an individual accomplishes something he/she is passionate about, they constantly aid in organizational upliftment & synergistic growth. One cannot be creative if an individual keeps doing a dead-end job with no room for exploring and manifesting thoughts.
  • Obstacles: When one truly commits themselves to a work they get engaged to it. No obstacles can stop them from achieving their objectives and the fantasies they have built for themselves over the years. These individuals often tend to believe in work hard dream big.
  • Pick a job for the right reasons: A normal person generally spends 1/3rd of his/her life working. It is crucial to find a job that does not drain you out and leave you hopeless towards the day’s end.

A career is implicitly about having ambitions for life. But being ambitious and successful may not produce happiness as the outcome. So make your call based totally on what brings you joy and what you feel is worth all your hard work and sacrifices. Picking a job or a career is your decision. Plan it well so that you do not have to regret the decisions down the lane. Remember, in life, there is no reverse button and thus no scope of rectification.

So, what is your choice? Job or Career?

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