Is Facebook for all?

"There is always a right time for everything. Sometimes you have to make it, but often you just need to pause for it."

Facebook is a major tool for social media marketing which is used for connecting people from all over the world of different religions, races, caste, creed, age, etc. Since the time of its launch, Facebook has worked hard to increase the awareness of customers around the globe. Facebook provides a platform which eases the process of maintaining bonds with people. Over the years, Facebook has shown intensive hike in among various social media platforms and has taught the world to be together, virtually.

Want to know more about the pros & cons of using Facebook? Keep reading...

Raise brand awareness and promote positive word-of-mouth
  • Being on Facebook can help people share their opinions and perspectives over a particular topic. The users can also join online Facebook groups and channels to gain knowledge and latest world news that can prove helpful in increasing awareness among the audience.
  • While on Facebook, one can share their thoughts using the various social media platforms. Individuals can learn about the problems one had faced and go through the questions, reviews and experiences of others. Thus, it can help in increasing the awareness of consumers in this ever-growing world.
Virtually connecting people round the globe
  • In recent years, feeling lonely has become one of the major mental health People of all ages are feeling lonely as they have no one to talk with about their goods and bad, and that is where Facebook helps those people to socialize. At this platform, people can make new friends, chat with them, and share a wonderful bond with them. It helped many people to get out of the lonely status.
  • Facebook is one of the most trusted social media platforms that connects you to the people you do not get time to meet often. People living away from their country, family, and friends can always be in contact with their loved ones through social networking channels. People who are experienced and have already settled in life can counsel you regarding your career choices and future scope that can help you prosper in life and get the best out of what you want.
Tools for Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook gives us the benefit of social media marketing where we can reach out to the viewers and prospected buyers through advertisements.
  • Not only individuals, but even brands can use social media marketing to reach the target audience with proper use of brand strategies and in return create a strong brand name.
  • Facebook also provides tools for measuring the traffic and engagement of a particular page or account. The analytics of Facebook is beneficial and helps in the tracking of interest & preference pattern of the consumers.

In accordance to the policies laid down by Facebook, the initial legal age to open an account is 18 or above. Most of the young people are not familiarized with this policy and use unfair means to get onto social media. It is recommended to follow such policies as these are done for the benefit of the users. Facebook might have many useful features like for social media marketing, but like any other tool for social media marketing, it has its bad side too.

Now that we know about the benefits of Facebook, let's look through some of its flaws…

Threat of getting hacked

Facebook hacking is one of the worst negative sides of using Facebook. Hackers can hack your account and can send inappropriate messages and posts using your account that can even end up with a police case over you. It is an open social media platform where strangers can pretend to be your friends and convince you to give them your pictures, personal information, or money which can be used inappropriately afterwards to harass you financially, emotionally, mentally, or even physically.

Recently in May 2021, the Facebook account of a cop from Bangalore was hacked. The team of miscreants asked for approximately INR 10,000 as help from all his connections. The police personnel came to know about this when one of his friends got suspicious and connected to him physically few days after the incident started. Later the frauds were arrested. Now if it can happen to the police, it can happen to anybody. Right?

Negative content and Privacy issues

Concerning content sharing in Facebook, some people can upload negative content such as vulgar and adult content links on social media platforms which can mislead youngsters and distract them from focusing on their studies and other productive works.

Some of the tools for social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram possess a big threat to privacy. The advent of social listening & online reputation management on social media platforms has become a common issue for the masses. Facebook tracks every action on a person’s account.

Social media lets you develop familiarity with the world. Use social media with care & caution as just one incorrect move can turn the BOON to BANE.

It should be used when a person is fully fit and grown up to understand the intention of another person and have the mental level of differentiate between good and bad things rather than some who does it to escape from lonely status. It should be minimally used if you are under 18 years of age and your usage should be in the knowledge of your parents or guardians who can guide you for the right thing. Sometimes, using apps for social media becomes a habit which leads to disruption in work flow. A person must pursue social media detox at some stage and stop using social media before it becomes a regular habit.

Use social media but do not ever let social media use you…

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