Is social media marketing the key to brand building?

In today’s time, social media has done wonders web from connecting people to giving organizations their brand name. During the lockdown, even when people couldn’t go out to sell their products, social media continued to cater its services and grow its wings.  Over time, it has established itself as the most prominent platform for businesses and brands. The best part of social media marketing is that both big and small brands can benefit from it. Just that proper social media marketing strategies needs to be employed. From this, we can understand that social media marketing is a crucial pillar of brand building.

Now the next common question that comes up is,

What is a brand?

A Brand is a marketing and business concept that helps the company, product or service to be distinct from others. A brand is much more than a name or logo. A familiar brand name makes it easier for customers to trust. After the web revolution, branding is not only limited to big companies, but even small startups can build their brand name. Using various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, the firms can build their brand image in the digital sphere. The best part of Social media marketing is that it offers equal opportunities to everyone. There are various social media platforms and tools available today. You only need to know them & use them.

Brand awareness is one of the crucial aspects of brand image creation and there is no better platform than social media to spread the brand name. By creating strong brand visibility on social media, even startups can reach out to a global audience through various market targeting and audience targeting combinations. As per Dr Blake, Senior Marketing Analyst, Flurit, consumers are more likely to trust brands they can interact with using the various social media channels. Daily almost 4.5 billion people use social media worldwide. So, dive into the world of social media marketing and take your primary step towards brand building.

However, Social media marketing will only help you increase your brand name if you are consistent across the social media platforms. Building a brand image doesn’t happen in one day time. It takes time, dedication, and determination to reach the business goal. You are suggested to post information that will help consumers understand the brand better. Always try posting frequently but don’t just post for the sake of being on social media. Keep your social media posts simple, relevant and meaningful. Do not forget to keep your brand logo on all your posts. Remember, it can help you build your brand image immensely.

While in the initial phases of business, your primary focus must be on building two-sided relationships with customers by conversing, interacting, and caring about them. Never focus on selling products only instead try creating value for your customers. Let your customer speak about what they want in a product or service and how they want it. Remember, genuine conversations are the key to brand building. After all, people need to trust and value the brand.

Social media is a great tool for promoting online business and increasing the online presence of your brands. However, today mostly everybody tries promoting their product online. So, if you are trying to become like others or planning to copy marketing strategies, it can be tough to compete and to gain the desired audience. Therefore, always try to be unique & come up with distinct ideas to promote your brand. Plan your social media strategies in such a way that it benefits both consumers and producers. Try standing out from other companies but never compromise with quality. Also, do not depend upon social media for branding solely. Use a combination of marketing strategies to reach the business goal in the desired timeline.

So, from the blog it is established that social media marketing is the key to brand building only if you use it correctly. Connect with our team of expert digital marketers for more valuable insights to grow your brand name and build your brand image.


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  1. Its a very informative article. In today’s world social media strategies are very important to connect to your audience and even it gets your brand in front of people more quickly and easily.

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